Making The Move To The Other Side Of The Country – Day 1 –

A Mom’s Log – Day 1

Mom’s Log Day 1 – 6:00 am- : Husband is cranky and throwing the last items into the Uhaul. Kids are tired. Cats are freaking out in their carriers and I’m pretty sure one of them already peed in there. Sad to leave my mom but excited for the drive (is excited the correct word?) I’m driving first and I have never towed a trailer…off we go!

Mom’s Log Day 1 -7:00 am- : Just crossed into South Carolina. During all of my extensive planning and shopping for this trip I somehow forgot to get any type of wet wipe …which I quickly really realized as Kid McGinn violently threw up in the back seat from staring at her iPad on her lap instead of using the awesome iPad mount that I bought for her. *Bags of fresh veggies cut into bite size piecesMini containers of ranch dip and hummus Capris Suns for daysThe most needed item when having children…nope.* Stopped at a rest stop to clean her up. Bathroom only has hand dryers, no paper towels. Hand comb chunks out of her hair, wipe her down with wet toilet paper and dry her down with the hand dryers. Good as new. Now the car smells like cat pee, vomit, Dial hand soap and a hint of lavender vanilla air freshener. Awesome.

Mom’s Log Day 1 -Noon- : Driving through Atlanta during lunch time. Had to stop at a rest stop and change pee pads in the cat carriers. Enough said.

Mom’s Log Day 1 -5:00 pm- : Matt just heard from his recruiter. His previous employer has zero record of him ever receiving a flu vaccine. During his decade of working there. Nice. Now scrambling to find a Walgreens near our hotel so he can get a flu shot.

Mom’s Log Day 1 -6:30 pm- : Finally stopping for the day in Jackson, Mississippi. Made it to Walgreens in time. Loaded cat carriers, rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, litter box, pet food, luggage and what is left of my energy on the luggage trolly to roll into the hotel while Matt parks the car and the kids act like carrying their own backpacks and iPads is the end of the world. *Hey all you gawking hotel guests! Hot mess express coming through, nothing to see here!*

Mom’s Log Day 1 -7:30 pm- : Let the cats out of their carriers after checking the hotel beds to make sure the base went all the way to the floor. Luna found an opening and squeezed herself under the mattress. *Whatever. Can’t think about that right now because the kid still has dry vomit in her hair* Got her showered and clothes wrapped into a smell proof bag. Matt lifted up the mattress while I drag the damn cat out from under the bed. The cats spend the night in the bathroom clawing at the door all night. I fall asleep to the soothing sounds of The Office playing on the TV…it’s muffling my thoughts of having to pack all of this up again in the morning.

12 hours and 4.5 states later we all still love each other 🙂

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