Making The Move To The Other Side Of The Country – Day 3 –

A Mom’s Log

Mom’s Log Day 3 – 4:00am -: I’m feeling surprisingly great for being on day 3 of cross country traveling and being up and going at 4:00 in the morning. Already showered and put myself together, kids are up and getting dressed and packing up the small pets while I handle the cats and Matt is downstairs bringing the car to the front so we can load up and roll out! I am just feeling pretty damn successful at this moment. It’s too early for us to see Cadillac Ranch…bummer. We will be staying at the Yavapai Lodge at The Grand Canyon tonight, so we are all pretty pumped about this travel day.

Good Morning from New Mexico!

Mom’s Log Day 3 – 8:00am -: Well…we found the snow, and the traffic to go along with it. Looks like there was an accident involving a semi-truck, so we are taking a detour on old Route 66. The kids were super excited until they realized it looks NOTHING like Route 66 is portrayed in the Disney Cars movie.

Mom’s Log Day 3 – Noon -: Finally crossed into Arizona! Beautiful views, the snow has stopped and all this Eagles fan can think about is getting her picture “standing on the corner in Winslow, Arizona” I am so excited! We tried to stop at the Petrified Forest, but thanks to the Government Shutdown, that was a bust.

Mom’s Log Day 3 – 1:15pm -: There went our fabulous traveling day. While trying to maneuver the icy, one way roads of Winslow, Arizona so I could get my pic next to the statue of Glenn Frey, we were t-boned on the passenger side of our car. That is Molly’s side. Where my sweet baby, exhausted from the trip, was taking a nap. I got out of the car and ran around the side to open her door so I could make sure she was ok. The car door didn’t open. *There is literally nothing worse than trying to get your child after a car accident and having her door completely wedged shut* Young girl, gets out of the car rubbing her knee (of course….but honey, you just slammed into the the door where my sleeping 8 year old daughter is, I do not give a SHIT about your knee.) I crawled through the back seat to check out my babies, both are scared to death and crying, but physically ok. The young girl has now called every single member of her family to the scene, one of which gets out of her car, screaming profanities at me and staring down Matt. Cops have been called. Neither door on the driver’s side will open, so that will make for an interesting rest of this trip. It’s freezing cold and kids are hungry. This is hell.

Mom’s Log Day 3 – 3:00pm -: Finally leaving Winslow. Exhausted, hungry and picture less. Oh well, maybe next time. We had to stop for gas, of course, and now since the driver door doesn’t open I have to get out so that my 6 ft. tall husband can crawl over the passenger seat to get gas.

Mom’s Log Day 3 – 4:40pm -: We are all so tired, but so incredibly thankful that all we drove away with was a dent in the side of the car. We just made it to the Yavapai Lodge at The Grand Canyon. This is the cutest lodge I have ever seen! The rooms are simple and clean, and the main area of the lodge includes a cafeteria, small grocery store, post office, wine bar and gift shop. We grabbed some dinner at the lodge and got in bed early tonight. It’s been an insanely long day. Tomorrow we are going to get up early to watch the sunrise over The Grand Canyon.

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