Making The Move To The Other Side Of The Country – Day 4 –

A Mom’s Log

Mom’s Log -Day 4- 5:00am -: I actually got to sleep in a little this morning. After yesterday’s debacle, we decided to get a later start today. I took a nice hot shower and decided to let yesterday stay in the past and make today a good one! I walked out to get my clothes and saw a little grey blob scurry past my feet! No…not a mouse…our damn hamster! You see, he successfully chewed a whole through his travel carrier last night and therefore, spent the night in a random glass hurricane candle holder that we found in the Uhaul trailer, with a piece of burlap attached to the top with a rubber band. Well, Hamster Houdini found a way to escape from that too and took this opportunity to explore the hotel room while we were sleeping. So here I am, soaking wet, barely wrapped in a towel, on my hands and knees screaming for Matt and trying to catch this damn thing. Here goes another wonderful day of traveling! I just want to see the sunrise over The Grand Canyon…

Mom’s Log – Day 4 – 6:15am -: Sunrise is supposed to be at 6:45 and I am SCRAMBLING trying to get all unruly creatures *kids and animals alike* packed up and ready to go. The kids are playing in mounds of muddy snow in front of our room while Matt and I are toting cats and luggage to the car. The only responsibility the kids had was to make sure the door to the hotel room didn’t close. Ha. The door closed. My purse, Matt’s wallet and all room keys inside. So we have to close up the Uhaul, load up the kids and drive back to the lobby to get a room key. The happy vibes from earlier are pretty much gone at this point. OMG…I just want to see the damn sunrise!

Mom’s Log – Day 4 – 6:25am -: Got a new room key and we are finally packed up and ready to go! Yay! Sunrise over The Grand Canyon is actually going to happen!

Mom’s Log – Day 4 – 6:45am -: Made it in time! The parking lot is nice and empty so we have plenty of room to park length wise across a few parking spots. The viewing points aren’t crowded so we have a completely clear view of the canyon. There are just no words to describe how beautiful it was, walking up to The Grand Canyon right as the sun is coming up. Snow capped ledges up and down the canyon walls, the low hanging clouds and all of those stunning colors! Absolutely incredible.

Mom’s Log – Day 4 -7:15am-: Ok….legs are wobbly now. The sun is up and you can see just how deep the canyon really is, and how thick the ice is against the tiny joke of a barrier wall. My fearless husband spots an outcropping that juts out over the canyon. It is, of course, covered in 2 inches of ice and full of rambunctious (aka idiotic) tourists, one of which already slipped and fell while RUNNING on the outcropping. But he just HAS to get down there to get a picture.

Blurry, but there he is. Snapping his award winning picture. Talk about a joke of a barrier wall.

Mom’s Log – Day 4 – 8:00am -: We get back to the car, only to find that despite the parking lot being almost empty, we have a car parked directly behind and a large van in front of our SUV/trailer combo! What!? WHY!? We are totally stuck. So I walk back up to the viewpoints, pissy as hell and ready to chew someone out, and ask every single person there if they are driving a white passenger van. At one point I actually screamed “Did ANYONE come here in a white passenger van!?!?” Well, well, well….it was the tourists. I mustered up every ounce of patience and kindness that was left in my body, and ask them to please move it. Their ring leader rolls his eyes and says “Why can’t you just go around?” Oh honey. Bad move. So Mr. Foreigner and I share a few words, and he finally moves the van. Wheels are rolling and we are off to the next state! Hoping to make it to Sacramento tonight with no issues. *Jesus take the wheel*

Mom’s Log – Day 4 – 1:00pm -: We were all so excited to get our picture in front of the California sign at the state line. No such thing on this road…just an inspection point. Woohoo! Just heard from Matt’s recruiter that another one of his tests needed to be re-done, so we found a lab in Sacramento.

Mom’s Log – Day 4 – 3:00pm – We have decided that we are done with this trip *shocker* and we are going to just buckle down and drive straight through to Portland. We load up on snacks and energy drinks, fill up the tank and we’re all hyped up and ready to go!

Mom’s Log – Day 4 – 6:00pm -: Damn it to hell. Sacramento isn’t happening. Driving straight though isn’t happening. A huge snow and ice storm came through and the interstate is at a stand still. Thankfully, I was able to get off in some small town with a gas station and a few hotels. Subway for dinner in the car, in the gas station parking lot. One of the hotels is pet friendly and had an available room, thank goodness!

See the line of stopped semis up there?!

Mom’s Log -Day 4 – 6:45pm -: We made it to the hotel and Matt went to check in, he comes back saying he can’t find his drivers license. We both frantically search everywhere…no license. So I crawl across the passenger seat (you know, because my door doesn’t open) and check us in. In the hotel room now and we have emptied every piece of luggage, every bag, my entire purse….still no license. I consider Matt a strong person and have only seen him cry when we got married and when our kids were born, but this man just full on broke down. If he can’t find his license, then he can’t get his lab work re-done and therefore the job in Portland is shot. The one place I had yet to check for his license was his wallet. Voila! There it is tucked in between two other cards! *Should have known* We are both laugh crying at this point. The insane, exhausted kind of laugh crying. We called his recruiter and found a lab in Bakersfield that we can stop at in the morning. I just cannot with this trip anymore.

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